Best Cloud-hosted Free Customer Management Tool to Manage Sales

Best Cloud-hosted Free Customer Management Tool to Manage Sales

Readers in remarks on Facebook frequently ask us to write about what we use for our business endeavors. Quite frequently, there’s a big interest in applications for sustaining the client base and for monitoring communications. So let’s talk about products. What is the best CRM for a startup? After all, uncomplicated and popular systems cost an arm and a leg. Which free-of-charge CRM can replace and be a great alternative to CRMs like Pipedrive, Act!, Capsule CRM or Hubspot? 

Top 7 Best Totally Free CRMs for professional services .

  • Friday CRM – we’ve chosen this for ourselves 
  • Flowlu
  • Freshsales
  • Really simple systems
  • Suite CRM
  • Vtiger
  • YetiForce

What is the primary thing we benefited from using it?

In contrast with some competing companies, we were able to truly realize the advantages of our business procedures. It became much easier to organize sales.  One of those keys to our success has been a carefully a selected CRM. We were able to automate many procedures, which helped us regain focus. We haven’t lost anything.  We increased revenue three times over in the first year.

Why do we consider Friday CRM to be a fantastic resource? 

It is a very popular program. The customer relationship management aspect is consistently receiving fantastic user comments, and it is the very best method to monitor the effectiveness of management teams. It is optimal for sales and it is an affordable alternative to other expensive systems. Thanks to cloud deployment, the system is not locally bound. Analyze failure statistics with ease. There is even a built-in reporting form. The system’s interface is highly intuitive, so the software easily integrates with telephone systems. It features highly specialized protection of information and high confidentiality. FridayCRM is the best choice for new and emerging businesses. The majority of the feedback places this customer relationship management system in a favorable light. 

The best testimonial will be your success.  Most probably, a thorough review will take a lot of time, as it was with us. But it’s worth it. Evaluate it yourself, deciding for yourself on the very best CRM system.

Ben Carter, Computer Power User

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