Choosing a Domain Name Your Customers Will Remember

Choosing a Domain Name Your Customers Will Remember

Building an online business and online presence is all about building a memorable brand. There is no single better way to build that memorable brand than having a simple, yet easy to remember domain name.

A domain name should be something users can remember after only seeing it one time and can easily type it into their browser and come back to your site through direct traffic. On top of remembering the domain name for your website themselves, users should be able to easily communicate and share your domain name with others and build your audience through word of mouth.

Hard to pronounce or spell words and phrases are generally a bad idea. A good rule of thumb is having something capable of being remembered and spelled by someone with an 8th grading reading level.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the address anyone in the world can enter into their web browser and access your web application, likely hosted on a remote server. That server your visitors has a unique IP address that users could enter and view your web application, but as you can probably imagine, remembering a IP address for all of your favorite websites is not realistic. As a result domain names came into existence.

Domain names are virtual real estate and just like physical real estate they are not infinite. Once a domain name is registered it is gone forever, unless it is sold or the current owner lets it expire, which is highly unlikely for domain names of any significant value.

Also similarly to physical real estate, domain names can appreciate or increase in value over time. As more and more domain names are purchase and the inventory goes down, the value of a quality domain name only increases.

Today most of the short and sweet domain names are taken. If you can think of something simple and memorable that accurately represents your brand, should register the domain immediately and keep track of your renewal dates so you never lose your new online real estate.

What is a TLD or Top Level Domain

Your domain name is the words, numbers, or phrases between the www and the dot extension, such as dot com. The top level domain is the ending after the dot, sometimes refereed to as the extension. A few of the most common top level domain names include com, net, and org to name a few.

Each top level domain gives a little more information to search engine and potential site visitors a little idea of what kind of site yours is. Com is reserved to commercial sites, org for organizations, gov for US government sites, and edu for educational institutions.

Dot com is by far the most popular and sought after top level domain, but that is not to say you other top level domains are not equally as usable. The main critical thing to keep in mind is not choosing something that misrepresents the type of site you are hosting at that domain name.

Choosing a Registrar for Your Domain Name

The Registrar is the company that represents you when registering your domain name. There are countless companies offering domain registration services, but all those services are not created equally.

For starters each registrar sets their own prices and what if any additional services come with their domain registration service. For example. CyberBums offers free WHOIS privacy protection for every domain name registered with us.

When you register a domain name, you will be required to provide personal information of who controls the new domain name, such as first and last name, and a mailing address. This information is publicly available to anyone who searches for it with a WHOIS lookup search service.

Understandably, many people and organizations want their personal information to remain private. With WHOIS privacy protection, your personal information is replaced in public records with those of the domain registrar such as CyberBums.

Very few registrars offer complete WHOIS privacy protection for free and if they do, their domain registration services is steeply inflated in price. CyberBums believes in offerings clients free WHOIS privacy protection while also not charging more than necessary for the domain itself.

Choosing a domain name is indeed one of the most important choices when starting a new online business, but equally as important is registering it with a trusted registrar like CyberBums.

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