Hiring Freelancers To Work on Your Startup

Hiring Freelancers To Work on Your Startup

A startup is a beautiful thing. When executed correctly.

But building and executing a startup correctly is not an easy task. As cliché as it may sound, if it was easy, everybody would do it. When starting the journey of building a new online business, you are likely to be a team of one, wearing many hats.

But you may not be good at wearing some of those hats. Hiring freelancers is a great way to let someone else wear those hats that you are not great at wearing.

Why Hire a Freelancer

You can be the best customer support person in the world and be great at organizing and building an organization, but if you can’t code and build a website, your customer interaction and organization building skills will be all for nothing.

Freelancers are specialist. It is very unlikely the freelancer you hire to build your website is also someone you want answering support questions from your users. Similarly, you probably don’t want to hire your accountant to do graphic design for social media posts.

A good rule of thumb is if you can do the job to an acceptable level, do it yourself in the early stages. But if you can’t do something, don’t try and then provide a sub-par product to your customers. We understand the importance of bootstrapping your new startup, but you must put your new business in a position to succeed.

Know What You Need

It is critical you are precisely clear about what you need out of your freelancer. For one thing, if you do not know exactly what you need, how can you find someone who specializes in your requirements?

A SOW or scope of work is a common document describing the exact items you need delivered by the freelancer. By creating an easy to understand and follow document detailing your requirements, a freelancer will be more willing to work with you.

What you do not want to do is hire someone after just giving them an “idea” of what you want. You likely will not get what you want and if you do it will take extensions in time and countless revisions, both of which cost money. 

That is not to say changes and misunderstanding won’t happen with a good scope of work, but an accurate scope of work shows prospective freelancers you are professional and helps them provide you a higher quality service.

Know Who You Need

After you clearly know what you need help with from your freelancer, you can start to think about what kind of freelancer is best suited for your project. It may sound easy to hire single freelancer to complete all the tasks of your project, but you are almost certain to get better results by hiring specialist.

The freelancer who can build your website or mobile application to your exact specifications quickly and without bugs is likely not the best person to also design your logo. That developer building your application probably can throw a logo together for you, but the graphic designer who designs logos every day will probably produce a better result than the developer who writes code all day.

Once you build a scope of work for your entire project, you can easily break that down into smaller scopes of work for individual freelancers. They key is organizing your thoughts and knowing what you need and your desired end result. Lastly, freelancers who specialize in particular tasks are likely to cost less in the long run, at the same time providing higher quality results.

Where to Find Who You Need for What You Need

Freelancers are just that, workers who work on many project for many customers and may be located anywhere in the world. You can find an agency that has all the specialist under one roof and there are countless of the agencies online that you can work with directly.

But to find a quality and reputable individual freelancer you are going to have to use a platform that connects freelancers and customers. These platforms are great because they let you see reviews the freelancer has received and the platform provides protection in regards to payments and making sure you receive the work you are paying for.

There are a few heavy hitters in terms of freelancing platforms all of which are easily found with a quick search. Each platform caters to unique audiences, depending if you need the cheapest option such as Fiverr or want the largest selection of quality freelancers such as what is offered on Upwork.

Build Your Business With The Help of Others

You can see why you need a specialist and now you have the knowledge and tools necessary to organize your requirements for that specialist.

Secondly, you know where to start your search for a qualified freelancer and how to communicate with them. The last thing left is to officially find the right person freelancer to propel your startup to its fullest potential.

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