Hosting Your Startup on a Budget

Hosting Your Startup on a Budget

The web is a wide open space of unlimited information, potential, and most importantly opportunity. But before you can capitalize on this opportunity, you have to establish your own presence on the web. 

Every site you access online is hosted on a server somewhere. All the images, files, and other assets of your website is hosted on a remote server. Without the server, you have no online presence, meaning your server is the backbone of your online business.

Why Choice of Hosting is So Important

We already established your server is going to be the backbone of your online business, so it only makes sense that you take careful consideration when choosing your hosting provider. The good hosting providers provide exclusive benefits not readily available with lower quality providers.

Servers crash, things go wrong, and data can potentially be lost. CyberBums along with other industry leaders understand this and have plans in place to protect your data while simultaneously keeping your site live and operational for your customers.

Here at CyberBums, all server data is backed up regularly and also backed up on servers in multiple locations across North America. If a server with your site data crashes in California, you can rest assured it is backed up on servers in Seattle and Toronto both.

The longer your site is offline, the more customers and subsequently, the more money you lose. For this reason, CyberBums has technical support available for instant chat 24/7 365 days a year. Your customers are your priority, making them CyberBums priority also.

Lastly, anything that is valuable to your business or your customers, is also valuable to hackers. For this reason, the security team here at CyberBums works tirelessly to make our servers impenetrable. Our servers are routinely penetration tested and updated with the latest industry standards to harden our technology.

Types of Hosting Commonly Offered

Now that is a little clearer as to why your choice of hosting is critical, we can dive deeper into the types of hosting packages commonly offered.

It is easier to understand the types of hosting packages if you understand what a server is and how it works. A web server is simply a computer accessible via a unique IP address. The server can also be accessed via a domain name, once it is connected to that server and its unique IP address. Inside the server is all the traditional computer hardware, only it is specifically designed to host web application instead of act as a traditional computer. CyberBums servers are configured with modern Intel processors, large amounts of RAM, and SSD storage for industry leading speed.

But servers are expensive to purchase and equally expensive to maintain. For this reason multiple sites can be hosted on the server in an effort to spread the costs among several businesses. The result is what is commonly referred to as shared hosting.

Shared hosting carries all the benefits of CyberBums world-class servers, for a fraction of the price. With CyberBums shared hosting packages, you get speed, security, and reliability no available elsewhere for similar prices.

VPS or Virtual Private Server, is a server all to yourself. This is for the heavy hitters who require large amounts of storage space and need the performance to offer web applications to millions of visitors. If your site is not getting millions of visitors, a shared hosting package is sufficient for your needs .

Server Basics And What You Need

When choosing your hosting package and provider, it is critical you evaluate what is offered and how that aligns with your unique needs.

Servers do not run themselves. You need the ability to upload files, make edits, and manage the server itself and the most common application for doing just this is cPanel. cPanel is a graphical user interface to make managing a server easy even for the most novice of web masters. 

There are other alternative to cPanel, but cPanel is by far the most common and has the largest knowledge base readily available.

CyberBums is one of the only providers offering a free shared hosting package that includes cPanel. We offer this because we understand startups are on tight budgets and entrepreneurs like to verify their business model before investing more money.

Another important aspect to your server and hosting requirements is the amount of storage you require and the type of storage. Newer SSD fetch and display your files at lightning fast speeds and is a must-have for modern web applications that want to provide a top-notch user experience.

The free shared hosting package offered by CyberBums provides up to 500MB of SSD storage, letting you get your site off the ground, and then upgrade to one of our paid plans if and when you need more storage. If you never exceed 500MB of storage, our free shared hosting remains free forever.

Lastly, carefully consider the number of domains you can host on your server. CyberBums free shared hosting lets you connect your own unique domain name to your site, also something other hosting providers do not allow with their free packages. Our other premium plans allow unlimited domains to fully take control of your online presence.

Make The Choice

Choosing a hosting provider and package is one of the first and also one of the most important decisions you will make when starting your journey building an online brand. From data breaches, sites cashing and hard to reach support departments, the risks are high.

Your customers deserve industry leading experiences when using your web application. For this reason, you too need to choose an industry leading hosting provider.

There are countless options to choose from, but the wrong choice could break your business before it even starts. The right choice on the other hand, may be what makes your new online business a success.

CyberBums is committed to the success of your online business and it ready to start the journey with you, if you are also ready.

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