Setup and Customize the Genesis Framework – Wordpress Tutorial

Setup and Customize the Genesis Framework – WordPress Tutorial

Setup and Customize the Genesis Framework – WordPress Tutorial

Get the Genesis Framework:

In this WordPress Tutorial, you’ll learn how to setup and customize and website with the Genesis Framework.

Table of Contents:
1:47 – Downloading the Genesis Framework
3:02 – Uploading Genesis to WordPress
4:00 – Customizing the Front Page
4:37 – Intro to Theme Setup Page by StudioPress
5:53 – Making Changes to Front Page 1
6:13 – Using HTML provided by StudioPress
7:30 – Changing Theme Color
8:15 – Changing the Background Image
8:59 – Front Page Widget Area 2
11:45 – Front Page Widget Area 3
13:54 – Posts and Pages
14:18 – Customizing the SideBar
16:22 – Creating a New Menu

If you have any questions about the Genesis Framework, or any StudioPress Theme, please comment below.

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